Friday, 24 April 2009

Breakin’ Convention 09

Breakin’ Convention 09
UK Tour
The Sixth Annual International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre
Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4TN
Saturday 2 – Bank Holiday Monday 4 May 2009, then touring

1 Day Ticket: £20/£12, 2 Day Ticket: £32/£18, 3 Day Ticket: £48/£27
Ticket office: 0844 412 4300 or

“The 2008 edition of Breakin’ Convention will be remembered as the year that Sadler’s Wells’ annual hip-hop dance theatre festival grew up.” **** The Times

“One helluva weekend” Time Out

Fast becoming a globally renowned event, Sadler’s Wells international hip hop dance theatre festival, Breakin’ Convention, returns to host some of the world’s hottest poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls across May Bank Holiday 2009, as part of a UK-wide tour. Key cities include Edinburgh, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bradford, Newcastle, Wycombe, Salford and Plymouth.

In London, a jam-packed three days of performances, workshops, film screenings, DJ demonstrations and graffiti exhibitions, the sixth annual Breakin’ Convention takes place at Sadler’s Wells from Saturday 2 to Bank Holiday Monday 4 May 2009, before embarking on a nation-wide tour. Curated and directed by Sadler's Wells Associate Artist Jonzi D, the festival includes artists from Korea, France, and USA as well as the cream of the UK’s hottest hip hop dance talent.

With performers still to be announced, Breakin’ Convention’s tour headline acts, Ken Swift, Salah and MyoSung are already confirmed. Performing for the first time in the UK, Ken Swift and his crew, VII Gems Rock Dance Division, bring their legendary style to Breakin’ Convention 09 with Rockin’ It. A true pioneer in Hip Hop dance, Kenny "Ken Swift" Gabbert is considered the epitome of a B Boy. A world-renowned driving force in Hip Hop dance for 30 years, amongst his many credits he's appeared in classic films Style Wars, Beat Street and Flashdance.

“Hip-Hop to make your jaw drop” The Evening Standard

Affectionately known as the ‘Charlie Chaplin of Hip Hop’, Salah is one of the best known hip hop dance performers of this generation and has won numerous major dance contests worldwide as a master of popping, locking and breaking and freestyle. His recent victory on French TV Show Incroyable Talent has now made him a household name in Europe. He returns to the Sadler’s Wells stage with The Dream of Gluby, first performed in the UK at Breakin’ Convention 07.

MyoSung is an award-winning and much-lauded troupe of dancers based in Seoul, Korea, arguably the best B Boying nation in the world. MyoSung present an electrifying group of talented young B Boys in The Revolution will not be Institutionalised, a piece of dance with a powerful political message told with humour and sensitivity.

Following the Bank Holiday Weekend festival at Sadler’s Wells, Breakin Convention 09 is touring the UK in May at 8 venues nationwide including Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Salford.

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