Friday, 29 May 2009


Skreintax – Scene Stealers (single) (Dented label)
The Long awaited collaboration of the year Skrien and Dr Syntax a second single from a perfect synergy, Skreintax. If you like their solo projects and collaborations with Foreign Beggers you’ll be jumping over the garden fence to get you hand on this gem. Scene Stealers is straight cheeky hold you granny in a headlock Hip-Hop from the album of the same name. With perfectly placed scratches and Tribe Called Quest samples along with one-liners and lengthy verses as catchy and comical as a certain Mexican flu It does what is expected from the notorious Dented label. Lovely!

Speech Debelle: Speech therapy - released 1st June(Ninja Tune)
Step up Speech Debelle. Refreshingly soft on delivery yet surprisingly hard in content Speech is truly a unique talent, nurturing her lyrics in experience that saw the 25 year old spend the majority of her teens in various youth hostels. Hear spoken word drifts effortless over fusions of indie and hip-hop influences encapsulated with perfect live recordings to create a debut full of credibility, the likes of which Kate Nash’s and Lilly Allen’s could only dream off. Recorded mainly in Australia by Lotek Hi-Fi, the brains behind production on Roots Manuva’s ‘Brand New Second Hand’ and beyond, the album is brave and honest delving into strong emotions from a young London talent. True it takes a couple of listens to get to grips with her style but there can be no doubt of 09’s finest discovery so far. Check the heart felt ‘Daddy’s little girl’, coming of age ‘Go, Than Bye’ and the gem ‘Better days’.

Eslam Jawaad – The Mammoth Tusk – released 6th July (ESLAMAPHOBIC)
In general it lacks that heavyweight appeal with the self named Beat Butcha of Beruit on tracks like ’Star Spangled Banner’ and ‘leave it alone’ sounding unenthusiastic and struggling to reach a deeper octave. Production wise it’s standard and while again it won’t slap the Hip-Hop in you to a next level it does at times show brilliance with club bangers ‘Pivot Widdit’ and ‘Criminuhl’ along with the straight dope ‘Rewind DJ’ featuring the Legends De La Soul. Actually it’s for this gem alone, which sticks out like ivory, I’d go and purchase the release. But in honesty we want more from a man with so much promise.

Kyza - Sin city – (dented)
The second single taken from ‘S.O.S (Shots Of Smirnoff) one of most hotly anticipated follow up projects in UK Hip-Hop history, Kyza drops Sin City. Murky and reflective on production Mr Sayso takes you through the dark crime ridden side of the metropolis where he learnt his craft. A dark nefarious head knodder with production provided by Chemo, Sin City is grimey and street while refreshingly incapable of being stereo-typed by those two labels and with Deablo adding a soulful touch on the chorus the release again illustrates a more mature Kyza bursting with raw talent. Brapp

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