Thursday, 23 July 2009

Brownswood Bubblers Four

Brownswood Bubblers Four
Compiled by Gilles Peterson
Release Date: 24th August 2009 (CD and digital download)

“The Brownswood Bubblers series is about new music. It’s about shining a light on up-and-coming or unfairly overlooked artists. It’s a peek into Gilles’ record bag. It’s about joining the dots, searching for the perfect beat… but more than anything else, it’s about goosebumps and that tingling sensation on the back of your neck.” Forging ahead with the Bubblers series, Brownswood Recordings are proud to present another awe-inspiring assortment of delightfully obscure ditties and underground heaters that have been clogging Gilles’ record bag and radio playlists of late. Kicking off with the honey-coated Motor City soul vibes purveyed by Mayer Hawthorne on ‘Maybe So Maybe No’ and weaving a path through to Lone’s lush, widescreen beatscape ‘Sea Spray’. This is Gilles Peterson in his element – flitting between Oumou Sangaré’s soaring African melodies, Maryland beatmaker yU’s coarsely chopped hip hop soul, El Michels Affair reworking classic ODB material for the jazz headz, New Look’s spine-tingling electro pop, and the rich sub low cinematics of Floating Points.

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