Tuesday, 7 July 2009


DJ EASY Presents MANNY MOSCOW ‘From London To Berlin’
London rapper Manny Moscow has been really making a name for himself of late, with a succession of solid releases under his belt. After dropping his ‘Three Track Excursion EP’ back in October last year, he hooked up with Tricksta from UK Runnings to drop his debut mixtape ‘Live From The Kremlin’ at the end of April. Since then he has featured on mixtapes from the likes of DJ Ames and DJ Drama (USA), as well as being the host for LATE’s ‘Underground Exposure Volume 7’ mixtape. Now in July he drops his second mixtape with one Germany’s most talented DJ’s… DJ Easy from Berlin, Germany. This mixtape features a selection of exclusives, produced tracks and freestyles and once again is something hot from this talented UK rapper. Producers involved in the project include Mr. Bills, Spectral, 9Lives, J Romes, Loko from Hill Productions and of course Tricksta from UK Runnings and Wolftown Recordings, as well as guest verses from LATE, Conman and Shepherd. This twenty-one track mixtape really is a great display of MC and DJ skills working in harmony. This special edition CD will be available for FREE download from all the usual spots and is already making noise in England and Germany.

Next up from Manny Moscow is a mixtape with the UK mixtape messiah DJ Ames called ‘No Games’. Things are really hotting up for Manny Moscow and with this brand new mixtape from the talented DJ Easy it’s so easy to see why he’s having that international appeal. www.myspace.com/mannymoscow


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