Thursday, 26 November 2009

Remixes from the Edge NEW from GHOST

Artist: GHOST
Release: Remixes from the Edge
Format: Digital mp3 only
Release date: 23/11/2009

Contact: //

Ghost drops a brand new 10 track remix album and showcases the depth of his production skills across multiple genre’s. Ghost once again proves not only is he one of the hardest working producer’s out there, he’s at the top of his game.

‘Remixes from the Edge’ travels through Bassline heavy Hip Hop into thoughtful moments with a touch of uptempo Rock Funk. Along the way incorporating a variety of tempos and rhythms to help you ride through the album. ‘Remixes from the Edge’ and its varied sound is a testament to Ghost’s production skills, certainly not a one trick pony.

Kicking thing’s off Ghost pulls no punches with his first of 2 Foreign Beggars remixes, ‘No More’. Ghost puts the bass in overdrive and this wouldn’t sound out of place at a Drum n Bass set, Dubstep rave or Hip Hop mosh pit. Next P Money’s (NZ) ‘Everything’ get’s a total re-working from house into a slightly wonky electronic Hip Hop summer joint. Switching the mood again the ‘Sound Mirrors’ (Coldcut) remix has a hint of Rob Dougan’s Clubbed to Death, Ghost add’s piano’s, strings, drums to turn this into a spellbinding affair. The Bonobo remix is pure emotion whilst the remix of Dabrye’s ‘Air’ has a deep spaced out vibe but pulls you right into the music. The Heavy’s ‘No Time’ remix sounds like Fatboy Slim in his prime, upbeat and straight bangin’, guaranteed to rock any party. The ‘No Holes Barred’ (Foreign Beggars) remix is grimey, just wait for the bass drop. Ghost then turns Deep House producer AT Jazzs ‘Together’ into a dubstep wobbler with a chaser of depth to keep things interesting. Remixing long time cohort Kashmeres ‘Poison’ into a warped slice of electronic Hip Hop leads us into the final track, Ghost’s re-jiggling of The Heavy’s ‘How You Like Me Now’. There aren’t many ways better ways to finish a remix project off than this.

There aren’t many producers around in 2009 who could step to the table with a collection of remixes spanning multiple genre’s and pull it off, in style.

‘Remixes from the Edge’ serves as a build up to the release of Ghost’s 2nd Album ‘Freedom of Thought’ in New Zealand set for March 2009, and bridges the gap between Freedom of Thought’ and Ghost’s 3rd studio album ‘Postcards from the Edge’. Having moved from London to NZ in 2009 Ghost has been settling in and busy working on music. Ghost also keeps busy hosting his Friday Drive Radio Show 4-7 pm on RDU playing the best in hip hop, dubstep, electro and electronic beats.

Not content with a new 10 track remix album and releasing it free, Ghost has a new website which will serve as a resource for all Ghost related music and info… is the place to be, get the ‘Remixes from the Edge’ album free on digital download via the new Ghost website and probably find out some things you probably didn’t know about Ghost.

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