Friday, 5 February 2010


25 year old (Dr) CHIMA ANYA has seen alot. An avid hip-hop fan since birth he has watched how it has evolved and devolved over the years while simultaneously perfecting his own grasp of the art. This experience multiplied by the wealth of life stories witnessed by working as a junior doctor in fields ranging from geriatric to paediatric medicine (imagine being faced with life or death situations daily) has culminated in an artist of intrigue.

As a hip-hop MC his credentials are stellar - having already shared stages with hiphop legends KRS 1, AMP FIDDLER, FLAVA FLAV and having already received support from MARY ANNE HOBBES (RADIO 1) "A Dope ass MC", HUW STEPHENS (RADIO 1) "I'm sure we will be playing more of this man" RAS KWAME (1XTRA) "Futuristic hiphop- we are looking for the doctor to come and save hip-hop", DJ 279 (CHOICE FM) "Hope yet for UK hiphop", SHORTEE BLITZ (KISS FM), EXCALIBAH, ACE and VIZ (1XTRA) and The Temporary Residents.

The Debut album "NEW DAY" reflects the change that is needed to effect some balance the uk hiphop scene. Entirely produced by ASTROSNARE, the two hooked up having ascended to the top of the hiphop scene in Oxford making it a natural alliance. The first double AA side single saw CHIMA enlisting some fellow UK hiphop Luminaries SOWETO KINCH and JEHST in joining his campaign to bring some element of swagger, style and substance back in the scene.

I Love Rap continues on from where he last left off, this time showcasing Chima’s immense diversity, skipping between beat patterns and subject matter with aplomb, giving us a further insight on what to expect when the full length drops.

The album ‘NEW DAY’ is out APRIL 2010

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