Thursday, 8 April 2010

Big Smoke Catches up With Cappo

Big Smoke catches up with Cappo on a Q&A, He has a new album called 'Genghis' now out on many many formats. Check the link at the bottom.

Let us know about your recent project Needle Drop on No Cure Records and working on tracks Hacksaw & Eagles with the guests like Scorzayzee, Lee Ramsay - Cyrus Malachi & Iron Braydz?
Needle drop is like music that is timeless, music that I listen to, I spent a long time crafting the flow structures
on all the tracks and Demic went in on the production. Lyrically I have a couple of solo tracks on there that I'm proud of cus they describe my view point at this moment in time from Nottingham city. I take rhyme writing extremely seriously and I believe thats why the Needle Drop turned out the way it did, cus both me and Endemic treat this music the same, meaning that we are at the top of our professions. Being able to work with some of the UK's most gifted artists on both 'Hacksaw' and 'Eagles' was a real privilege. I would carve my bars out then wait to hear the outcome of the track when the other artists had recorded, we recorded at least ten tracks towards the Needle drop and chose the greatest of them to represent on the vinyl. Having the e.p put out on vinyl was a giant achievement for me as well cus I'm from a school of thought were the music isn't truly released until its on vinyl, its the finishing touch when its pressed up. We felt we needed a Notts city track on there so thats how the collaboration with Scorz and Lee came about, and by the time the verses had been put down Cyrus and Braydz had recorded for 'Hacksaw' and also 'Eagles' too so we kept everything on there cus having five of the best MC's on one track was really the pinnacle of the e.p.
How’s life in Nottingham right now? The scene now and the new generation coming through and how’s has things changed from since you first started out?
As far as I'm concerned I am still doing the same as ever, I'm still writing everyday and producing. I think the world around us has changed considerably but I believe you shouldn't be afraid of change, you should embrace it and adapt it to your way of thinking. The younger generation now have been brought up on music we created so being a part of that process is a gift in itself. Being relevant in this current climate comes down to the simple and staunch believe that I have had instilled in me for a while now that you should stick to your strengths. Thats why since the end of last year I have stopped trying to spread myself to thin and dilute my skill and I have concentrated on what I do best, so I'm in the studio as much as possible creating new product that speaks for itself. I'm not trying to be a jack of all trades and master of none I'm trying to write the best most advanced verses I can and I'm trying to go in on every beat I produce. I definitely get a sense that Notts is on the rise again due to fact that my material is ready for release and I'm hoping that will spur on other artists to get their releases up too.
You have always been consistent and your music has been a well produced sound over the years, what is the one thing you still love in the whole musical process?
I am at my best when I have stocked up with at least a good arm full of old vinyl and I'm in the attic. the process of scouring vinyl is something I consider a privilege, finding a sample or loop that I know is ill is one of the best feelings, cus thats when my lyric mind starts ticking over and I can start to build the song. I consider the MC to be akin to an athlete so the practice and reputation is something that is both strenuous and enjoyable. The strength in knowledge that I am rhyme ready is important. To have bars in the stockade already memorized and to stretch my memory with more verses is a big challenge. Recently some of my best times musically have been at my mentor Dj Styly Cee's studio when we have just completed a track, when I put my verse down and Styly says its right I feel a weight off my shoulders and I am able to begin thinking about the next track or the next step of the process, plus when we finish a track we watch 'Tougher than leather' the movie or something similar and thats the pinnacle.
Name 3 good positive things right now benefiting you and your career within the music industry?
My strength of mind and upbringing is my best attribute, I am able to overcome any obstacle put in my way and I feel I have a contagious spirit that is unbroken. My will to win is something that keeps me moving forward and is a part of me that will not be defeated. I have a perfectionists nature and that instills me to drive my career and my skill further and further unrelentlessly.
My family is a strong unit and we have recently been through the hardest times and we are still strong and happy, I have relatives and close friends who are the rocks that I rely upon and who guide and teach me how to be the man I am today.
My label is well established and trustworthy which is almost unheard of in this day and age and I am very aware and grateful of this. My chance to release my new album the way I wanted it to be and to be able to have a strong input on how it is promoted is a massive benefit. The fact that I have had the luck and blessings to have completed my new album means so much its hard to put it into words.
Is it possible at all to balance your Hip-Hop live with your day-to-day life, or is the same thing?
I feel like there are two ways to look at it, Hip hop is my life and has been for a long time. You can either see life as a struggle and find music hard to balance with your life or you can in-compass the whole thing and build from it all. I choose to use the lessons I learn from my life outside of music and put it towards my verses. I choose to use the time I have spare in my life to build tracks that I will finish and that will see the light of day. I want to leave a legacy for when I pass on so I feel i have no time to lose. At the same time my life recently has taught to stop and enjoy the fruits of my labour, so I have two ways to look at it, to work hard but to live well is my main goal.
What’s next on the menu for yourself?
Next up is to keep the momentum rolling with the Needle Drop e.p, we have shows coming up throughout the UK and we are in the process of promoting it on radio. look out for May 4th show at rhythm factory London supporting Ill Bill. My new album is being released on April 6th and the lead single 'Loyalty' is available for download from march 15th. The Styly Cee/Cappo album is coming soon we have a good amount of tracks done and its sounding incredible.



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