Thursday, 15 April 2010


For people who don’t know please introduce yourself and what project you
have out right now?
Skandal and I currently got a lil e.p out featuring Klashnekoff and P Money its called 'a quick snack' and is produced entirely by Beat Butcha... buy that now on Itunes!
Your having some good feedback and good reviews from the media for HUNGER PAINS, let us know a little about the project and your favourite track and verse and who else features on the beats and in the mic booth?
Yeh it done well but its on to the next one now ya know... umm its a 17 track mixtape mixed by Kiss FMs dj mk. we got little dee from roll deep on there, Ramson Badbonez from task force on there and brad strut who's a dope Australian mc. beat butcha produces the original beats on there and the rest are jacked beats.... ummm fave track? gotta be home economics... as for verse... hmm spaceship is pretty poetical... or the breakout verse... i like a few of them as they're quite personal to me
How has the industry changed you as a person, and what have you learnt most out of the game so far?
I'm starting to see that i have to be allot more business minded... i cant be myself 100% of the time in the sense i cant act a clown whenever i want to or i cant lose my temper and start shouting at people when things don't go my way or i don't agree with someone... yes i am like that in real life, we all have our faults but i gotta treat this more like a job cause you wouldn't go into the office of a Monday morning screaming obscenities at your colleague. Ive also quit drinking so that cant be a bad thing lol
Name 3 good positive things right now benefiting you and your career within the music industry?
Respect and love from other artists in the UK... that's def helping me allot... the fact they're willing to work with me or get behind me helps raise awareness about myself as an artist.

My work rate and my networking skills def goes along way into helping me get out there... plus the pr campaign has def helped gain exposure for me

and the shows I'm getting is def a plus... i get the chance to prove myself in front of a crowd and sell some Cd's afterwards. people like live shows so if i smash it I'm likely to get around via word of mouth - which is probably the best way of getting out there

What other things do you do when you’re not rapping ? Any
Hobbies/ interests outside of hip-hop?
I watch alot of films... a lot of Japanese anime too. I'm a geek for that. i used to read allot when i was younger and just started getting back into that... but to be honest I pretty much live and breath this music thing... most mornings i get up and sit on the laptop replying to emails and networking before Ive even eaten or had a shower.
What's the most heroic thing you've done this year?
Wow. heroic lol... I'm not sure Ive done anything heroic in my life... I've done some noble things i think.
Performing next at.... and next release to look out for?
Errm i got a show in Notts tomoz night... not sure where and after that I'm not sure... i usually find out like a week before the show. big up to Tom at 1step for handling all my bookings... if you wanna book me holla at him

Look out for hunger pains 2 coming this summer

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