Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chima Anya Interview

For people who don’t know please introduce yourself and where you are from originally?
Hello, my name is Chima Anya, I'm half Nigerian/ Romanian, lived in Scotland till 95 (hence the crazy accent) however became a person in Oxford so that's where I rep.
What's happening in oxford right now ? Let people know about the Hip-Hop scene in oxford? Which other artists are doing it at the moment, Rappers, nights, DJ's, Mixtapes & radio shows?
Truth be told, there aren't too many man from the region I can shout out... not cause there isn't any skills, man just aren't grinding like they should be. Big shout to DJ Kid Fury, holding it down Oxford ways on the mic, on the turntables, on the radio and putting on nights... and DJ Mark Devlin got a dope show on Oxford 107.9 FM but aside from that I'm just not sure. There is a night affiliated with Kid Fury called Wordplay - they were involved with the recent Jay Electronica show that happened in Oxford which was dope, they also had Gift of Gab down the other day. Ineffable is a heavy lyricist obviously Oxford ways but he's mad busy at the moment with his incite fitness/ bar breakers project. He gonna be the next Mr Motivator.
How has the industry changed you as a person, and what have you learnt most out of the game so far?
The biggest lessons I've learnt is...

1) music "professionals" aren't professionals. I am in a profession. I know what to be professional means. It means attention to detail, reliability, creative and intelligent thought processes. Allot of these so called "professionals" in established positions with influence are from it.

2) The music game is all a big blag. It's a lie, it's an illusion that you try to sell onto next man, make him believe you are big and he'll back it. Most people are sheep. One day you've been living the lie well enough for so long all of a sudden it's a reality! Real talk.

has it changed me? not really... it's too petty all of this shit to really affect me. I get frustrated no doubt... but I'm still putting out music and trying new shit all the time so it's all good.

Your new album 'New Day' tell us about the some of the main tracks and who has featured on there?
Really and truly... there are no MAIN tracks... no FILLER at all it's 100% merculation. That's the point. Taking it back to the dope album, dope artist days. I'm convinced everyone is entirely unsatisfied with this ipod shuffle play list era we live in where mans got one hot track and the rest is turd. I'm an artist more than a rapper or an MC. Saying that though I know how the industry works... so I guess if you could only listen to a couple of tracks I'd go for "It's the manner" ft. Jehst. He "illustrates the meaning of merculation". "New Day" features Soweto Kinch who possible is the most talented hip-hop musician in the WORLD. "Paid For" and "Death" are EMOTIONAL. Goose bump music... the amount of people that have told me that... when was the last time rap music gave you goose bumps? after all that I'm sure you'll wanna jam to the rest of the album.
Being a doctor does that give you a greater perspective of life and does that help you in writing raps?
Most definitely. When you deal with the most serious situations anyone in their life can face day in and day out you quickly learn to appreciate life and over look all the petty shit. Being healthy is the greatest gift anyone can have and once you realise that you focus on living your life in a way that is more rewarding. Check out "Paid for" on the album!! or "Death"
What's the most heroic thing you've done this year?
You know, they say medicine is the art of watching the patient as they get better by nature. So I can't give you any great stories. from this year so far... I don't work in ITU or A+E at the moment that kind of stuff is few and far between. I would however honestly say putting out this album in the midst of this euro pop venga boys auto tune urban phase we going through is pretty brave!

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